eToroX Launches EOS Trading Pairs

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Ever since eToro first dipped its toes into the crypto trading world with its popular stock trading app, it has been looking to innovate and improve its crypto trading service. Last year, eToro launched its very own native crypto wallet that let users hodl a wide range of cryptos, and then went on to launch its own dedicated crypto exchange platform, eToroX. Yesterday, eToroX added a brand-new trading pair to its platform, welcoming several EOS base and counter pairs.

Six Pairs Added

This bullish news comes at the perfect moment for EOS. EOS has been struggling in the past few days, falling to as low as $2.30 towards the end of November. On the back of the news from eToroX, EOS climbed steadily up towards $2.71 for the day. Traders on eToroX can take advantage of six EOS trading pairs, including EOS/XLM, EOS/JPYX, EOS/GBPX and EOS/USDX as base pairs and BTC/EOS and ETH/EOS as counter pairs.

More New Cryptos Coming Soon

eToroX certainly isn’t resting on its laurels and it’s already got plans to list more cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in the coming weeks and months ahead. In a bid to become one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, eToroX is dedicated to working with what it deems as the most important and premier blockchain networks. Speaking on the matter, Yoni Assia – CEO and Co-Founder of eToro – said

EOS is one of the foremost projects in the world of Blockchain. By adding the EOS token as a base/counter currency for trading pairs on the eToroX crypto Exchange, we are enhancing and strengthening our well-established connection with EOS.

eToro continues to prove its dominance in the crypto trading world, and with plans to expand and offer more trading pairs in the near future, we can only see eToroX becoming larger and more popular. If all goes to plan, etoroX could easily challenge BitPanda to become one of the leading crypto exchanges operating inside of Europe!