German Bitcoin Mining Firm Tests Air-Cooled Mining Containers

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Crypto mining firms from all around the globe are always looking to come up with creative solutions to mine crypto more efficiently. A lot of firms have opted for the cooler environments of Canada and Iceland to help with reduced running costs, but one German company is looking to take crypto mining to the next level of power efficiency.

Northern Bitcoin AG has successfully completed testing of its new mobile crypto mining containers that are completely air-cooled. Each 20-foot container holds 144 ASIC mining rigs and pulls in enough cold air to keep the rigs at the optimum temperature for mining.

Avoiding the Facebook Issue

Back when Facebook was in its early days, it too tried to cool its gigantic data centers using outside air, but they ran into a major issue – it started to rain inside. In order to get around this issue, Northern Bitcoin AG is sticking to 20-foot containers and will filter out the air that enters the container, removing any moisture. The containers are specially designed, so they have implemented lamellae on the walls that will filter the air of the 144 ASIC mining rigs housed inside.

Buying Up Bitmain’s Old Stock

Bitmain has been desperately trying to turn its fortunes around by selling off older ASIC mining rigs. In Q1, Bitmain sold off a huge chunk of its inventory, but not enough to record a profit. Northern Bitcoin AG scooped up 4,475 ASIC mining rigs from Bitmain and Cannan Creative, and it’s these reconditioned rigs that it’s sticking into its powerful crypto mining containers. These containers are very similar to the Bitfury Blockboxes, but are built in house and use Northern Bitcoin’s own cooling tech.

The water-cooled version of Northern Bitcoin’s crypto containers has been performing well, but these new air-cooled containers are designed for use year-round in cooler climates. The air-cooling will help Northern Bitcoin stick to its brand promise of 100% green Bitcoin mining, and it could spur on a new trend in the field.