Zeux Lists Bitcoin SV and Qtum in its Payment Wallet

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Zeux is hard at work challenging the way financial services work and how we interact with the financial world. In a bid to move into the crypto world, the financial startup has teamed up with Bitcoin SV and Qtum to enable their platform to accept these two cryptos. From inside the Zeux app, users can top up and pay bills through Apple Pay and Samsung Pay – effectively bringing cryptocurrencies to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay! The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here, crypto payments with two of the biggest mobile payment providers around!

Paying in Crypto with Apple and Samsung Pay

You heard it at FullyCrypto first, once you have installed the Zeux app and topped up with Bitcoin SV or Qtum, you can then load up your Apple or Samsung Pay app and tap it on a POS machine, paying in your chosen cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin SV or Qtum is automatically converted into fiat in the Zeux app, before it’s sent to Apple or Samsung Pay then forwarded on to the merchant. It’s rather simplistic, but it unlocks the door to living a totally crypto life without the need to use fiat currencies.

Bitcoin SV Finally Landing a Win

Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre and the entire Bitcoin SV team have been craving a success story like this since the embarrassing hash war of 2018. Ayre finally threw in the towel declaring a loss in the hash war, weeks after the rest of the world stopped paying attention and had declared Bitcoin ABC as the winner. A couple of months later, a critical bug in the Bitcoin SV code was discovered that could have crippled the entire blockchain network, but the team managed to patch it before a hacker could kill the network. It’s about time Bitcoin SV landed a win, otherwise the team could have given up completely on the project.

Zeux is due to go live in the UK in April, and crypto fans cannot wait. You will be able to access it and download it using a VPN if you’re from outside the UK until it rolls out around the globe. Finally, crypto fans can start paying in cryptocurrencies at virtually any store in the world. This is just the beginning of what promises to be a fruitful partnership between the crypto and fiat world.