Bitcoin SV Fixes Three Crucial Bugs Then Laments Bitcoin

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) is run by hardcore crypto enthusiasts whose leader considers himself to be godlike. Towards the end of February, three potentially network crippling bugs were detected in the BSV code, and the community of developers quickly set about fixing them. The three bugs combined would have allowed for a malicious actor to cripple BSV by sending useless data packets to nodes, causing the network to grind to a halt. The bugs were patched in a recent update to the network, but that didn’t end the saga. BSV then claimed the bugs weren’t due to its inadequate leader, but instead they were inherited from Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Pointing the Finger Elsewhere

The entire BSV team – and Craig Wright more specifically – has been a little salty since they lost the Bitcoin Cash Hash war of November 2018. Wright and BSV promised to destroy Bitcoin Cash ABC once and for all, but his threats of crypto domination ended up in a massive failure. ABC took an early lead in the hash war and its block generation lead grew and grew, to the point where all major exchanges had officially declared Bitcoin ABC the winner, allowing it to keep the Bitcoin Cash title. Since then, the BSV team has been looking to pin all of its bugs and inefficiencies on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, implying that the two cryptos it forked from are inadequate.

BSV is a Failure

It appears very much as if the BSV team are trying to blame their failures on everyone else. In a press release that sounded like a playground argument between children, the BSV team said, “a slow and crippled network might be par for the course for BTC because of its inability to scale”. While Bitcoin might be struggling to scale, the Lightning Network is helping to solve these issues. If the BSV team was so dedicated to stamping out bugs, this sounds very much like a bug that should have been squashed before the hash war commenced. Since the hard fork, the BSV token has sunk lower and lower, showing no signs of recovery.

It’s Time to Throw in the Towel

Wright so desperately wanted his own cryptocurrency and wanted it to be the best network out there – especially after claims that he is Satoshi Nakamoto were debunked. His little project and attempt to become the Dr Evil of the crypto world are failing, and it’s time for him to throw in the towel. There are very few in the crypto world who take “fake Satoshi” seriously anymore and it’s high time his aimless crusade came to an end.

While Craig Wright and hit BSV cronies continue to throw shade at other projects to cover up its own flaws, the crypto world isn’t falling for it. Only the hardcore BSV fans are eating up the lies, leaving the rest of the crypto world laughing at the doomed project.