Why Kleiman vs Wright Isn’t Over Yet

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  • Craig Wright may have scored a victory of sorts over Ira Kleiman, but this is the first of a series of battles
  • Kleiman is also doing battle with Wright’s ex-wife Lynn and current wife Ramona
  • The legal tussles involve the Tulip Trust and ownership of W&K

The battle may be done, but the war is far from over. Craig Wright may have scored a victory of sorts over the estate of his deceased best friend Dave Kleiman with last week’s verdict, but further battles await in the long running saga that is Ira Kleiman’s beef with the Wright family. Here are three reasons why this battle could go on for several more years.

Battle 1

Ira Kleiman may appeal the ruling. A source told FullyCrypto that had the award been higher then an appeal would have been ruled out by Kleiman’s team, but there are suggestions they are not happy with the amount awarded. Once pre- and post-trial costs are added the total could be around $150-$175 million, but this may still be appealed, which would drag the case out for (more) years.

Battle 2

Who actually gets the $100 million is also the subject of a court case. Wright’s ex-wife Lynn has sued Kleiman claiming that he was not legally allowed to act on behalf of Dave Kleiman as he was not a recognized partner at W&K Info Defense, the company to which the money has been awarded. A court will now have to decide if Ira Kleiman had any right to act in that capacity, and if they rule that he did not then he won’t see a cent of the award.

Battle 3

Ira Kleiman is also being sued by Wright’s present wife Ramona, who claims that “substantial damage” has been done to the Tulip Trust due to Ira scrubbing Dave Kleiman’s hard disks when they were found to have nothing of apparent importance on them. If this goes against Ira then a court could award damages to Ramona Watts, although she would have to prove that the Tulip Trust existed in the first place, which it almost certainly didn’t.

Wright vs Kleiman Could Go on For Years

All in all, it’s clear the conclusion of the Kleiman vs Wright trial is, rather than being the end of something, simply the beginning of something much bigger.