Börse Stuttgart Set to Launch Crypto Trading Exchange in 2019

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Earlier this year, a new crypto trading app called Bison was doing the media rounds, with it set to be released in Autumn 2018. Now, after suffering a few setbacks it finally got a new release date. Bison is powered by the Börse Stuttgart and will bring crypto trading to the German public. The app will let Germany’s second largest stock exchange dip its feet into the crypto trading world, and by lending its powerful name to the industry could help spark a new wave of crypto traders to enter the market.

Top Cryptos Only… and Litecoin

In an announcement on Twitter, Bison’s official account said that it will initially only be hosting crypto trading for the top-ranked cryptos by market cap. Those pioneer cryptos will be Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple – the top three cryptos by market cap. In addition to these three top cryptos, Bison will also host trading for Litecoin, despite the fact it’s nestled down in seventh place. Bison most likely included Litecoin due to its huge history and popularity amongst crypto traders in Europe.

Say Hello to Fee-Free Crypto Trading

Bison has positioned itself as a very unique platform, in the sense that it’s not going to charge you a trade fee. There are very few crypto trading platforms out there that offer fee-free trading, so if you can download Bison in January it’s well worth it. On its website, it boasts that you pay exactly what you see on the screen, there are no fees or storage costs involved with buying and selling crypto through its sleek mobile app.

Get Access to Crypto Radar

If you were looking for awesome features, Bison is packed full of them. One of the best features though its Crypto Radar. Bison analyzes just over 90,000 Tweets per hour to create a public sentiment for the cryptos available on its platform. It then ranks the sentiment from cold to hot for each crypto. This saves traders the time of doing this research themselves – pretty awesome, right?

Stock Exchanges Getting into Crypto Trading

Around the world, more stock exchanges are looking to capitalize on the popularity of crypto trading. This has led to a number of top stock exchanges launching their own crypto trading platform, just like the Börse Stuttgart has done with Bison. Back in November, Gibraltar launched the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) to give investors a way to access crypto markets from a regulated platform, while the Jamaican Stock Exchange recently announced that it’s preparing to launch token trading. The fact so many stock exchanges are looking to get into crypto trading certainly shows that crypto trading has a prominent and bright future ahead of it.
Hopefully, Bison won’t suffer any more setbacks and will finally launch in January. If it manages to go live it could bring a new wave of crypto traders into the scene to help push up the price of global crypto markets. With every passing day, 2019 is looking to be a bigger and better year than 2017 was for the crypto world – hold on, we are heading to the moon.