Web3 Woundup – 02/07/23

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This week’s Web3 Woundup sees Azuki screwing up their latest launch, Melania Trump helping her husband continue the grift and Metabirkins holders getting an unpleasant airdrop.

Just don’t buy them, folks, seriously.

Azuki “Missed the Mark” with Elementals Collection

NFT giant Azuki this week managed to piss off its entire fan base by releasing a 20,000-strong collection that was accused of being a copy-paste from its original collection and demanding a 2 ETH mint price.

The accusations came thick and fast, causing Azuki to admit that it had “missed the mark” with the collection while still sending the $40 million it brought in to an exchange within a day of the sale.

The collection dropped in value from the moment it launched, with a 1.4 ETH floor price on OpenSea. Investment.

Melania Trump Continues the Grift

Melania Trump has launched her second NFT collection, The 1776 Collection, ensuring that the Trump family continues the grift it has been successfully perpetrating for almost a decade.

The scam collection, which revolves around the country’s approaching Independence Day holiday and features popular landmarks in the country, comes roughly a year after Melania released the ‘Head of State’ collection. In typical Trump fashion the collection courted controversy after some argued that she bought items from her own collection to ensure it didn’t come across as a failure.

Donald Trump has added more than a million dollars to his personal wealth via his own NFT collections, although this isn’t quite as much as he has made begging to his followers whenever he is charged with a new crime.

Metabirkins Creator Told to Airdrop Court Order

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York this week ruled against MetaBirkins NFT creator Mason Rothschild and ordered the artist to halt all MetaBirkins NFT sales. Rothschild was taken to court by French luxury brand Hermès for creating an NFT collection featuring the brand’s furry handbags and won the case in February.

The court also directed the artist to airdrop the court order to all of the collection’s collectors, adding that the artist should permanently stop any activities meant to attract more buyers.