Voyager Crypto Brokerage Launches on TSX Venture Exchange

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Voyager Digital has kicked off the new year with some massive news – it’s finally listed as a TSX Venture Tier 2 Company as of February 11, 2019. This means that it’s a publicly traded crypto exchange on the Canadian TSX Venture Exchange, giving stock traders the chance to own a slice of a fresh crypto exchange. Voyager Digital is currently still in public beta, but its free crypto trading with the best execution policies is stirring up a whirlwind and is getting ready to take the crypto trading world by storm when it goes live later this year.

Big Names Backing the Project

If the name Voyager Digital doesn’t ring any bells, there is a chance you need to update your crypto news tickers, as it’s being backed by some of the biggest names in tech. Oscar Salazar – former CTO at Uber – and Stephen Ehrlich – former ETrade professional trading head – teamed up to support and back Voyager to help get it off the ground. Thanks to its commission-free trades, it’s looking set to become one of the biggest crypto exchanges in North America. Thanks to the huge weight being thrown behind it in the form of Salazar and Ehrlich, Voyager has attracted a large number of investors in order to raise capital.

Free Crypto Trading is Catching On

There is nothing better than placing a trade order on a crypto exchange and discovering that there are no fees attached – suddenly taking a loss on a trade position doesn’t look so bad. In fact, a number of crypto exchanges are already running with the no fee model and they are doing surprisingly well. While these platforms all lack the uber-technical trading signals and charts, they are still incredibly popular.

Interstellar Started it All

Interstellar launched the first decentralized crypto exchange back in October 2018 – much to the delight of the Stellar community. Then along came Vertpig who offers free crypto trading through its centralized platform – similarly to a user-friendly stock trading app. Both of these exchanges are picking up the pace and putting pressure on the big exchanges to change their business models.
Voyager connects to multiple liquidity providers in order to get you the very best price. If you’re looking to try out a new crypto exchange – and save yourself some money in the process – Voyager looks set to be the hottest new crypto exchange on the scene this year. We are certainly looking forward to its public launch later on this year.