John McAfee is Backing a Major Bitcoin Bull Run

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Everyone is talking about the Bitcoin price jump. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has been on the rocks since the turn of the year, as the boom-period of late 2017 now appears to be long gone. Investors, traders, and crypto enthusiast have been waiting for something to come along and stop the slide. The latest news double-header of the FSB declaring Bitcoin as “not a threat” and BlackRock making moves towards the crypto market has given Bitcoin a boost. Considering that it’s put Bitcoin back in the headlines, it’s seen John McAfee has once again taken to Twitter – this time pushing the idea that we are on the brink of a bull run.

Taking to Twitter

The founder of McAfee and MGT Capital Investments CEO certainly hasn’t been afraid of using Twitter to stir up controversy. Just look at some of his previous tweets, which has included pay per tweet practices. But, there is the feeling that his latest post is much more positive. His tweet reads, “Bitcoin – $1,000 increase in one week. Is this the bull market? I have no clue. 10 such increases in succession and I will consider it Bull. In the meantime, know this: The Bull Market IS coming. And when it does, it will make the eruption of Krakatoa seem like a Meerkat’s burp.”

Not Dead Yet

A lot of what McAfee says is brushed under the carpet – and rightly so – but he might just have a point here. Bitcoin is now finding traction against a backdrop of price dips and harsh criticisms. Positive growth is happening, which is a huge relief when you consider that Bitcoin has experienced 306 so-called obituaries according to 99Bitcoins. Bitcoin surged by nearly 11% over the past 24 hours, smashing through the $7,000 barrier that had been holding the cryptocurrency back.

Run With The Bulls!

McAfee might be seen as a comical figure, but we believe his latest words. He’s always sided with the crypto market, but now he appears to be super confident – especially as he’s willing to say that “The Bull Market IS coming.” Bitcoin will eventually prevail if you believe the words of McAfee, so it’s hard to argue against what a boost in value could do – don’t write off a major surge in trading volume during the coming weeks.