Twitter Allows Tipping in Ethereum

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Twitter users can now tip in ETH according to a change in Twitter’s tipping policy
  • Ethereum joins Bitcoin as the second method of tipping on the platform
  • Twitter recently allowed NFTs to be used as profile pictures

Twitter now allows tipping in ETH, according to a change in its tipping code. The social media platform, which added the possibility of tipping with Bitcoin last year, appears to have quietly rolled out tipping through Ethereum too, although there has been no formal announcement. The reason for doing it now (and quietly) could be related to the known love of Bitcoin by former CEO Jack Dorsey who has criticized Ethereum in the past.

Twitter Looking Beyond Bitcoin

Twitter introduced tipping over the Bitcoin Lightning Network in September last year, although some individuals noted that the ability to tip with Ethereum had actually been added to the codebase prior to this, just not fully rolled out.

Part of the reason for the delay could be down to the fact that the Twitter founder and, until recently, CEO Jack Dorsey is a well known Bitcoin maximalist, and once referred to Ethereum as being “centralized” and driven by “corporate-controlled lies”. This might explain why the potential to send ETH tips on Twitter was never finalized, even if it was added to the codebase last year.

Now it appears that ETH tips are finally on the menu, with the Twitter tipping policy now stating that “Through Tips, you’ll also be able to copy someone’s Bitcoin or Ethereum address and paste their address into whatever wallet you use.”

Agrawal Keeps Evolving

The move to allow for Ethereum tipping is another example of Twitter moving in a different direction under its new CEO, Parag Agrawal, who has already greenlit NFTs as profile pictures, many of which of course run on the Ethereum blockchain.