The Legendary Room77 Is Closing Its Doors for Good

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Room77 is legendary in Bitcoin circles, known as the Bitcoin Mecca
  • Room77 has been forced to shut its doors for one last time due to the COVID fallout
  • The Bitcoin world would not be the same without Room77 – thank you

Very few businesses can claim that they played an integral part in Bitcoin’s history, but Room77 in Berlin did just that. Room77 did way more than just accepting Bitcoin, it became ground 0 for Bitcoin adoption and meetups in the country. Countless people got together in Room77, sharing drinks and Bitcoin stories.

Unfortunately, it’s the end of the road for Room77 in Kreuzberg, Berlin, but it’s definitely not the end of Bitcoin’s story. From everyone at FullyCrypto, thanks for the amazing work you guys did in helping to spread Bitcoin to Berlin and beyond.

The Perfect Storm

Room77 was located in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin, an area known for political awareness. People from this part of Berlin are more aware of issues in the current system and are usually the first to make a move, either protesting or adopting new technology. The team from Room77 helped spread Bitcoin and its powers all around the area, creating a Bitcoin community that still thrives to this day. It’s without a doubt that Room77’s success helped spread Bitcoin around Kreuzberg.

COVID Taking Its Toll

Bitcoin might be unstoppable, but unfortunately humans are. COVID has been wreaking havoc all around the world, and it’s finally claimed Room77. With less people able to travel both internationally and locally, Room77 has been forced to close its doors. COVID has taken out a number of major businesses and a lot of smaller ones too, but there’s still no end in sight. But, alas it’s better than Room77 went down in a final blaze of glory and fun rather than being taken out by bankers and suits – not that they’d stand a chance against the Kreuzberg crypto community.

It’s truly a sad day for the Bitcoin world, and especially those that made the pilgrimage to the Bitcoin Mecca. Thanks, Joerg for all the fantastic memories and we hope to see Room78 open as soon as COVID gets out of town!