Prince Philip of Serbia: “Bitcoin is Freedom”

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  • Prince Philip of Serbia has told a Serbian TV show that “Bitcoin is freedom”
  • The prince, who works in asset management in London, praised it as being “hard money”
  • Prince Philip also criticized the causes of inflation

Prince Philip of Serbia and Yugoslavia has told a Serbian TV show that “Bitcoin is freedom” and that everybody should be taking part in the digital financial revolutions. Prince Philip, who told host Ivan Ivanović that he works “in asset management for an international finance company” and that the world needed money “that’s not subject to inflation” following the economic booms and busts of recent decades.

“Only About Bitcoin”

Prince Philip was not previously known as a Bitcoin supporter, with no comments on the subject associated with him in the past, but it seems that his work in the financial sector has led him to one conclusion – Bitcoin is better.

Prince Philip, who according to the Serbian royal family’s website is living and working in London, told Ivanović that he loves to “analyze the world” and helps inform clients on the state of the market and where they should put their money.

When asked about the cryptocurrency revolution, Prince Philip corrected the host, saying that for him it is “only about bitcoin” and “not crypto”, adding that:

Bitcoin is freedom, and this is something I want for everyone. This is something everyone has to learn. They will learn slowly. Some people will not want to learn it because they are not used to it. They want to protect the system that they do well in.

Prince Philip Calls Bitcoin “Hard Money”

Prince Philip also offered his opinion on how Bitcoin can help tackle the inflation that is damaging household budgets across the world:

I think we need to have hard money again. We need to have good quality money that’s not subject to inflation.

How crypto-skeptics will feel about Bitcoin being referred to as “hard money” immediately brings a snigger to the lips, but it seems that Bitcoin finally has a royal seal of approval.

As they say in Serbia, Živeli (‘cheers’).