Yuga Labs Otherside Demo Wows Bored Ape Fans

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Yuga Labs premiered its Otherside metaverse over the weekend
  • 4,300 Otherdeed NFT holders got to spend some time exploring the Bored Ape metaverse
  • The response was overwhelmingly positive

Fans of Yuga Lab’s Bored Ape franchise got their first look at the Otherside, the metaverse that will be home to the various incarnations of the franchise, this weekend, and the response was summed up in one word – wow. 4,300 Otherdeed NFT holders, named ‘Voyagers’ for the trip, were allowed a sneak preview of ‘the swamp’ over the weekend as Yuga Labs tested the software and gave the lucky few an insight, and it’s fair to say that those who made the trip to the Otherside were impressed with what they saw.

Otherside Demo Wows Voyagers

Saturday’s First Trip Tech Demo, which is the first of a number Yuga Labs will run, is a way of getting fans excited about what is to come when the game launches fully, but also affords them crucial user feedback. Co-founder Wylie Aronow posted a tweet thead the day before the preview summarising what the company hoped to achieve:

The reaction was overwhelmingly positive, with many immediately falling for the design and breadth of the Otherside:

There is no slated release date for the full Otherside metaverse, but there will be various phases which Voyagers will test to inform developers of any changes/fixes that need to be implemented along the way.

When it does launch however, it has the potential to be the first metaverse project that can genuinely compete with existing video games.