Starknet to Use AI Agents to Enhance DeFi Activities

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  • Starknet is poised to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology on its platform
  • The technology will help enhance DeFi and other activities on the network
  • The tech will be deployed on the platform towards the end of next month

Ethereum scaling layer Starknet is in the process of adding AI onto the network to improve DeFi and other activities on the network. Dubbed AI Agents, the technology will be deployed towards the end of next month with the help of Giza, a firm that works to interface blockchain with AI. Part of the agents’ work will be to help DeFi users receive the best returns on their funds, something that may boost the adoption of decentralized finance.

An AI Robo-advisor

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Giza co-founder Renç Korzay said that the agents can act as, for example, a “robo-advisor” that automatically analyzes a user’s risk appetite and advises them appropriately.

According to Giza, the agents will first focus on yield aggregation, portfolio allocation and security. The agents can also, in the future, automatically interact with DEXs to ensure healthy liquidity levels. Later, the agents will allow Starknet users to create trading strategies based on price movements.

Giza’s Cem Dagdelen expressed optimism in the connection between blockchain and AI saying it’ll birth an “application layer for web3.” 

The addition of AI on Starknet comes a few months after Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin advised blockchain developers to “be careful” when making such connections. According to Buterin, pure AI models aren’t 100% secure.

Tether Joins the AI Squad

Starknet’s move adds to a growing number of projects adding AI features to their creations. AI-centric analytics firm Helika, for example, recently launched a program to introduce AI-enhanced web3 games.

Stablecoin heavyweight Tether has also disclosed an interest in AI to address “real-world challenges,” a sign that it’s also looking to interface blockchain with AI.

Although AI can enhance and ease interaction with blockchain projects, linking the two securely presents a security dilemma.