Bitcoin “Hack” Scams Continue

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bitcoin has been around for over ten years now, but people still get roped in by all kinds of scams surrounding it.

On first hearing about digital money, some will have the idea that cryptocurrency obviously must have vulnerabilities which can be exploited – to get free money, of course.

This is the notion that a certain type of scam takes advantage of. The “Bitcoin hack” scam is one of the oldest. Another is the “Bitcoin Generator,” which requires the beneficiary to send a small amount of coin – usually never to be seen again.

In some cases, the thing may be an actual Ponzi scheme, and the user may initially receive some money back.

An uneducated or under-educated user, new to the world of Bitcoin, might easily fall for the many “Bitcoin hack” sites that come up.

No One Can “Hack” The Blockchain

Every site has its own style of advertising ways that you can “hack” the Bitcoin blockchain and make crazy money in the process.

Most, if not all, are intended for the aspiring “Bitcoin hacker” to get hacked, as Bitcoin itself is not readily hackable.

As it turns out, many Bitcoin users are susceptible to hacks. Even major exchanges are. But Bitcoin itself is not something that can be “hacked.”

Certain vulnerabilities have been uncovered and patched in the past which would have led to the generation of extraneous Bitcoin, if they had ever been exploited.

A Real Blockchain “Hack” Would Take More Than A Few Clicks

Every blockchain must be cautious about code which potentially allows for the fictitious creation of coins. It’s the sort of problem that, once it happens, an entire community has to decide what should be done next.

Scams of all sorts have forever been a fixture in the cryptocurrency community. The internet, in general, has always been a scammer’s paradise, but the convenience of cryptocurrency provides an added attraction for certain types of criminal.

If you’re new to crypto, it’s important that you understand there’s no “hacking” Bitcoin in order to get free crypto.

You also can’t “generate” it by sending coins to some random address from a website, no matter what the fancy script does on the page.

There are plenty of scams out there to get your coins. The best thing you can do with them is hold on to them.