Welcome Home – Is This the Ultimate Bitcoin Purchase?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you have been saving your Bitcoins – and enjoying the recent price rally – we think we might have just found the ultimate thing to spend your BTC on. An enormous 5-bedroom mansion set in the heart of Texas is selling for a cool 1185.10 Bitcoin ($9,975,000). Crypto property purchases are on the rise, thanks to Chinese crypto millionaires looking for ways to diversify their portfolios as China cracks down on the crypto industry. In addition to this, with Bitcoin becoming more mainstream, more and more real estate companies are starting to accept it – or at least place a crypto ATM close by.

A Palace Fit for a Crypto King

This crypto palace will certainly put a dent in your wallet, but it’s worth it. Set on a 23,740 square foot lot, the house covers nearly 9,300 square feet. There is high-class luxury in every detail, from the carefully selected building materials down to the climate controlled 5-car garage – perfect for your new Bitcoin mustang. Featured on OpenListings, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a fairytale crypto castle.

Bitcoin Merchants on the Rise

Thanks to the development of new technology – such as the Lightning Network – more merchants are beginning to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for purchases. Even if merchants don’t accept Bitcoin – or other cryptos for that matter – Bitrefill has you covered with their seemingly endless list of vouchers. Simply buy a voucher with crypto and they send you a voucher code that you can then use to purchase items from select online stores. Over in New York, BitPay was recently issued the tenth prestigious BitLicence, meaning it can now operate its payment platform in New York. This opens the door for one of the most affluent states to begin transacting daily using cryptos.

Bitcoin Solves Home Loan Crisis

A handful of sneaky – and very clever – crypto investors have been using the equity in their home loans to purchase cryptos. This practice has become such an issue in Australia, one bank even banned it in its terms and conditions. Elsewhere, people are struggling to afford their own homes thanks to hyperinflation. Cryptocurrencies are once again coming to the rescue and the government is using cryptos to build homes for the homeless. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Bitcoin home loan bank yet, so you are going to need your own coins for this property.
Bitcoin adoption is beginning to soar with almost 13,000 merchants globally accepting the pioneering crypto. Real estate is just one case use for the cryptocurrency and can be used to diversify any investment portfolio. With Chinese investors getting their crypto money out of the country before the government cracks down on the industry totally, it is driving the price of foreign real estate upwards. If you don’t quite have 1185 Bitcoin to splash on this Bitcoin mansion, you could always try something less flashy!