Solana Launches Gaming Toolkit GameShift

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  • Solana has launched a gaming toolkit to ease the interaction between blockchain games and the Solana ecosystem
  • Dubbed GameShift, the toolkit also allows game developers to easily connect to NFT marketplaces
  • The toolkit was developed in partnership with NFT exchange Tensor and aims to offer a developer-friendly experience

Solana Labs has officially launched GameShift, a toolkit meant to ease the interaction of Solana-based games with the rest of the Solana ecosystem. Built in collaboration with NFT marketplace Tensor, the toolkit comes fitted with a way to easily link games with NFT exchanges on the blockchain among other features. According to Solana Labs, trading of in-game collectibles will be done using the USDC stablecoin, adding that the integration will enable developers to make use of existing Solana-based collectibles in their games, something that’s likely to increase interaction with NFTs on the blockchain.

Branded In-game Marketplaces

In an X (formerly Twitter) thread, Solana Labs explained that the toolkit enables game developers to “launch a branded in-game marketplace with royalty support,” a feature that expands a game’s revenue streams.

It also disclosed that all in-game NFTs will be listed on Tensor to put them before more collectors and players. According to Solana Labs, the toolkit accommodates both existing and new games, adding that it allows developers to “import external assets into GameShift.”

Other features baked into the toolkit include support for asset lending, credit card payments and the ability to mint and transfer in-game assets.

Solana Announces Chapter 2 Smartphone

GameShift comes when the Solana blockchain is unveiling new ways to popularize the network among competitors. The blockchain, for example, unveiled a blockchain-based smartphone which quickly ran out of stock necessitating the platform to announce a second version of the smartphone dubbed Chapter 2.

Other entities like MetaMask, a web3 wallet strongly associated with the Ethereum blockchain, have in the past announced support for Solana, a move that’ll increase interaction with the blockchain.

Although GameShift comes with a host of benefits, it’s to be seen whether games on other blockchains will find them appealing enough to migrate to Solana.