Unstoppable Domains Creates Cross-Platform Metaverse Identities

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Web 3.0 domain creator Unstoppable Domains has partnered with Ready Player Me to create virtual identities portable across multiple metaverse platforms
  • Ready Player Me, a virtual avatar developer will allow users to create their digital copies and use them as profile pictures on different metaverse platforms 
  • Users can then link their avatars to their Unstoppable Domains ID

Web 3.0 domain creator Unstoppable Domains has taken a step towards easing movement between multiple virtual worlds thanks to a partnership with Ready Player Me. Ready Player Me will provide avatar-based profile pictures for use across multiple digital sites while Unstoppable Domains will let the avatar owners link them to their Unstoppable Domain IDs to unlock more features. Ready Player Me allows users to upload a photo on the platform, to generate an avatar that resembles their physical self.

A Metaverse ID with Interoperable Flows

An avatar connected to an Unstoppable ID can smoothly traverse over 6,650 applications spread across Ready Player Me and Unstoppable Domains ecosystems. According to Unstoppable SVP Sandy Carter, the avatars also open the door to more products and services in the Web 3.0 space. 

Carter added that the partnership introduces “interoperable flows” that ease the movement between “your favorite metaverse.” Ready Player Me CEO Timmu Toke told Coindesk that the partnership allows users to use avatars even outside virtual worlds since it’s a unified virtual identity. 

Unstoppable IDs on Ethereum and Polygon

The partnership adds to Unstoppables’ recent moves to ease movement between metaverses and other Web 3.0 platforms. Last month, for example, it unveiled a way for users to search for Unstoppable IDs using Ethereum and Polygon blockchain explorers. 

The partnership also comes roughly two months after Unstoppable Domains joined hands with video platform Replay to activate Web 3.0 IDs for video content consumers. Unstoppable’s array of Web 3.0 features, products and partnerships align with a recent report by McKinsey indicating a higher metaverse adoption between now and 2030.