Scam Warning Over Adyingnobody Crypto Revelations

Reading Time: 3 minutes
  • A Twitter user by the name of adyingnobody is claiming to be on the verge of producing a plethora of revelations damaging to high profile crypto Twitter users
  • adyingnobody says he has 137.21GB worth of Telegram chats which implicate certain crypto Twitter users in crimes such as murder, sexual assault, and peadophilia
  • Many have cast doubt on the veracity of the claims and said the whole thing is a scam

A mystery Twitter user who claims to be suffering from terminal illness has promised to upload hundreds of gigabytes of Telegram chats that implicate big names in the crypto space in activities including sexual assault and murder. The user, adyingnobody (@adyingnobody), claims that they used a Telegram exploit to record years worth of conversations which will be made available to the public through a staggered release before a full dump in a month’s time. However, doubts have immediately sprung up regarding the veracity of the claims, with Telegram stating that no such exploit has been reported and others warning that the entire thing is a scam.

Telegram Exploit Supposedly Allowed Access

adyingnobody posted a lengthy tweet thread yesterday to a brand new account, claiming that he will release 137.21GB worth of Telegram chats of which he “was not a part of” while he is “on my way out”. adyingnobody asserts that a Telegram exploit in October 2019 allowed him to access various groups and record chats between influential individuals in the crypto space which he will dump in episodes throughout June, leading to a full dump on July 7.

The claims include allegations of murder for crypto theft, paedophilia, and sexual assault, as well as discussions over how to dump large holdings on followers. adyingnobody says that he will publish excerpts from his haul, including discussions pertaining to racism and homophobia, adultery and sexual assault on members of the public and those within the crypto communities, pulling scams, and “killing and stealing the crypto of an individual with a group of friends (coordinated through telegram)”.

adyingnobody ‘Leak’ Carries Hallmarks of a Scam

With little more than adyingnobody’s word to go on it is impossible to confirm the veracity of the claims, leading to suspicions over both the motives and the method involved. Indeed, the staggered revelation dates are a strategy commonly seen in ransomware attacks, with some questioning why the information isn’t simply being dumped right now if there is no ulterior reason for drip feeding it.

Secondly, and most damningly, is the method by which the material will allegedly be distributed – adyingnobody wants interested parties to download the file, all 137.21GB of it, and sign a smart contract. As one Twitter user put it, “my money’s on that link taking yours”. Similar opinions were aired by other users:

Further doubt was thrown on the claims when Telegram tweeted that the claimed vulnerability did not happen:

There is certainly something very fishy about the way the supposed leak is being conducted – perhaps adyingnobody is soliciting for those who think they may be implicated to send him money to avoid publication, or perhaps the whole thing is simply a way for people to hand over the contents of their crypto wallets, using the promise of salacious gossip at the lure.

One thing’s for sure however, which is that we’ll have a much clearer idea on June 15th. Take our advice though – a canary in a coal mine rarely has a good time of it.