Luxury Japanese Car Dealer L’Operaio Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

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If you’ve been checking our Bitcoin News over the past few months, you would have read plenty of stories about all the new ways that you can spend Bitcoin. From real estate to ski equipment, the number of places to splash the digital cash has skyrocketed. In fact, we even put together a list of the most bizarre things that you can buy with BTC, should you be in the market for something a little more abstract. Adding to the list of places you can now spend Bitcoin, L’Operaio – a Japanese luxury car dealer – has announced that it will now accept Bitcoin as payment from customers, Lambo 2020 anyone?

bitFlyer makes a big impact

Considering Japan’s emergence as a cryptocurrency superpower, news of retailers now accepting BTC shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. In the case of L’Operaio, customers will be able to use wallets through Tokyo-founded exchange bitFlyer to begin with. bitFlyer is making a real statement in Japan in the absence of Binance, with it now ranking as the leading exchange when it comes to Bitcoin trade volume. Adding to company’s recent run of success, it’s now also a holder of a European Union payment institution license, which – in the words of bitFlyer CEO Yuzo Kano – makes it “the most compliant virtual currency exchange in the world.”

Splashing the digital cash

Through the new agreement between L’Operaio and bitFlyer, customers can spend up to 100 million yen – which equals approximately $942,000 – through the dealership. It’s a staggering figure to clear by anyone’s standards, with it only being made more impressive by the fact that it is done via a QR code. According to L’Operaio, this means that any sale can be completed in mere seconds.

Tokyo, Aoyama, Setagaya, Nerima, and beyond

L’Operaio is restricting the use of BTC to its Tokyo, Aoyama, Setagaya, and Nerima stores initially. It’s widely expected that these stores will enter a trial period to see how popular and effective Bitcoin transactions prove to be. Considering how warmly the news has been received, L’Operaio says that – as long as this progress as expected – the company does aim to expand BTC support across its entire network of stores in the very near future.

Bitcoin is the new way to pay!

Bitcoin’s price might be stuttering, but it’s a case of full steam ahead when it comes to Bitcoin acceptance. Around the world retailers are opening up to Bitcoin. It has recently been announced that off the back of PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games success, South Korea in particular is making major strides. Bithumb – the country’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange – will bring the Bitcoin payment option to around 8,000 physical stores within twelves months.
New stores and new places to pay, Bitcoin has now made its move into the luxury car market, with more business-sectors sure to follow!