Rockstar Games Flags “Bitcoin” as a Profanity

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Those of you who were excited to get your teeth stuck into Rockstar’s latest release – Red Dead Redemption 2 – are in for a shock. Rockstar has flagged “Bitcoin” as a profanity, meaning you are going to have to come up with a more creative way to name your many horses in the game. Players have been complaining after they tried to name their horses Bitcoin in the game, but the naming system wouldn’t allow it.
While this might be a mainstream incident, it’s certainly not the first time that video games have come under fire for censoring the crypto world – perhaps Rockstar prefers Bitcoin SV?

Protecting Gamers From Scammers

If you’re a disgruntled gamer, we’re sorry, but there is actually a very good reason for the censorship. Due to the fact you can take your horse online and play with other players from around the world, Rockstar censored the name to prevent scammers targeting other players through the game. If you’re actively showing the online community that you’re into Bitcoin, it’s basically putting a huge target in your head saying “I have Bitcoin, hack me” – something you really don’t want.
Scammers have been targeting players of the popular game Fortnite by promising aimbots, wall hacks, and free v-bucks – the popular in-game currency. However, in the downloads issued there are scripts that search your device for traces of cryptos. Rockstar is just looking out for you – so while it’s censorship, it could be considered censorship of the positive kind.

There are Workarounds

If you still don’t care and are going to ignore our warnings, there are a number of alternative options available for your horse. While you can’t use the name Bitcoin, you can use its ticker symbol – BTC. While this might not be the solution you were hoping for, it’s better than not naming your horse after the most popular cryptocurrency – after all you have to show your love for crypto somehow.

Bitcoin Treasure Hunt

If you love gaming – which if you made it this far in the post, you most likely do – then you will love this Bitcoin treasure hunt that two brothers have created. Buried in the indie hit No Man’s Sky, you are sent on a quest to uncover two communication towers that contain the seed phrase to a Bitcoin wallet. This treasure hunt will have you scouring more than 18 quintillion planets for this Bitcoin. If you feel like throwing a few hours into the hunt, you can find the Bitcoin somewhere in the Endanko System – you can thank us for the tip later.
Instead of being angry and annoyed that Rockstar have censored your favorite crypto, thank them for trying to protect you from the dangerous world of crypto scams. Nobody wants to have their crypto stolen. After all, the number one rule of owning crypto is don’t talk about your crypto!