Craig Wright Reportedly Not Sure About Bitcoin Holdings

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Craig Wright has promised for quite some time that one day he would come out with all his BTC in tact, and things would be revealed as he has said they are. Craig Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

Tulip Trust

Although the date of his alleged acquisition of the Bitcoin holding has passed, Wright has yet to do anything to demonstrate ownership of the coins.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Wright said he’s not even 100% certain that he will actually have the coins. He emoted:

I’m 99.9999 and a few more 9s percent certain that I will be taking control of my BTC and whatever else.

By “whatever else,” Wright clearly means Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, both of which would have accrued off the same old coins, which have never been moved.

Since they’ve never been moved, every coin on the original chain corresponds to coins on the later chains, including Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.

Other versions of Bitcoin had also emerged, including Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Private. But the only ones that seem to have mattered, in the long run, were the three named: BTC, BCH, and BSV.

A huge point of contention for Wright is whether or not he can even access the fortune that he has lost half to the Kleiman estate. The estate was obliged to wait until January, when Wright was expected to receive the last piece of a cryptographic key he needed to access the coins.

That was delayed, but then reportedly happened, causing a bump in BSV.

Bitcoin As Usual

However, nothing else has happened since then, leaving many to wonder. First and foremost, people wonder if any part of the story is true, or if Wright made the whole thing up. While in every case we have to wait for the evidence to be processed, people do often arrive at their own conclusions on these matters.

Whatever the courts say, many in the world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are suspicious of Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto. For many, the fundamental proof of this identity will lie in the pudding, when the subject is able to actually move Satoshi coins for the first time ever.

If that happens, you can expect some real turbulence in the market. People wouldn’t be sure how to respond to Satoshi Nakamoto getting back on the Bitcoin horse again.

And what if Wright took all of his BTC and dumped it into buying BSV? While that would surely drive the price of BSV, how sustainable would that be, when most still don’t hold or use BSV for anything by comparison to BTC?

For many, BSV, like BCH before it, was just something to dump and get free money, when it first came out.

Then communities rose up around each. Currently, it would seem safe to say that the BCH community is stronger than the BSV one.

Whatever the case, the world waits for the outcome of the Craig Wright Satoshi Nakamoto