Would you Invest in Theoretical Time Travel with Bitcoin?

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There has been a lot of crypto-related scams in the past, and there are some absolutely curious ones going on at the moment. However, possibly one of the weirdest is a theoretical time travel commodity tied directly to the price of Bitcoin. World Patent Marketing was shut down in 2017 for selling a theoretical time travel commodity, which was allegedly tied to the value of Bitcoin. We aren’t quite sure how someone would fall for this scam, but it appears as if a number of people did as the firm was fined $26 million in restitution for running its scams where it accepted cryptocurrencies as payments – most likely to keep things off the books.

Scam After Scam

World Patent Marketing didn’t stop with time travel in Bitcoin – oh no – it also sold special “masculine toilets” for well-endowed men. These specialist toilets were designed to be slightly more oval shaped to allow for more space, and were sold using cryptos to customers on the internet. Similarly to the time travelling Bitcoin, the final tally of sales of these special toilets has yet to be disclosed.

US Attorney General Involved

Trump’s hand-selected attorney general was on the board as an advisor to World Patent Marketing and was paid a sum of money to give his input on various matters. Since the allegations have come out, a large portion of the Blockchain Caucus has come out in protest against Matthew G. Whitaker – US attorney general – and have demanded that he be stripped of his position for running crypto related scams. Other senators and politicians have also joined in on the calls for his removal, even though they have no affiliation to the crypto industry.

US Politicians Declaring Crypto and Blockchain Stance

Politicians up and down the US are starting to declare their stance on blockchain and cryptos following the midterm elections. The crypto community posted big wins around the country and anti-crypto senators didn’t fare too well. Yet, with the increase in crypto-friendly senators and governors mean there is more pressure in Wittaker to step down – or at least be investigated for his part in the crypto scams.
While we would love a commodity that lets us travel back in time, it’s very clearly a scam. Tricking people into thinking Bitcoin is a magical device that has the power to take you on a time-bending adventure is morally wrong and those involve deserve to be punished.
If this token was real, we would definitely head back to the early days of Bitcoin and fill our boots. What would you do if it was real? Let us know!