Calling All Gamers – Here’s How to Find Bitcoin in No Man’s Sky!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The weekend is finally here and we have discovered the ultimate way for gamers to spend it. Hidden away in the vast universe of No Man’s Sky is some Bitcoin, waiting for a plucky adventurer to stumble across it and claim the prize. For those not familiar with the game, it is a procedurally generated sci-fi adventure game. Set in space, users have to fly from planet to planet discovering new forms of life and upgrading their ships along the way. However, there is a chance that you could play the game for hundreds of hours and never see another person, this is due to the sheer size of its landscape. It boasts more than 18 quintillion planets that can be explored, with a whole lot of space, meteors, and stars in between. That means your chances of finding the hidden Bitcoin are pretty slim, but what better way to spend a weekend than by hunting the universe for digital gold?

A Few Clues to Get You Started

We love our readers and we wouldn’t want you to be wandering around the vast expanses of space without any help. We have done some digging to put you on the right track and give you a head start. Hunters looking for the treasure are looking for two planets in the Endanko System. On each of those planets there is a communications tower, which is labeled with half of the BTC seed. Once you have found both towers, you simply put the two halves of the seed together and you have the private key to the Bitcoin wallet – sounds simple enough, right?

Not Crypto’s First Brush with Video Games

Crypto has appeared several times in video games before, however not all of those have been positive appearances. Earlier this month, Abstractism was pulled from the Steam store for being a front for a crypto miner. It used hidden files in the game’s code to steal CPU power in order to mine Monero. Mining cryptos is a great thing and helps the community grow stronger, but stealing CPU power from other people to mine crypto, and then not share the profits with them is just plain wrong.

Puzzles for Crypto

Cryptocurrencies work thanks to ultra-complex math puzzles. In a turn of irony, there are a handful of puzzles available on the internet that once cracked will release a handful of Bitcoin into the winner’s possession. The first time a puzzle like this was released, it took three years to crack, and only a computer programmer could manage it. The latest Bitcoin puzzle appeared recently, and is yet to be cracked. In addition to puzzles, people are beginning to place QR codes with links to their crypto wallets for donations in street art. The cryptocurrency revolution appears to be well underway in 2018.
Whether you are going to spend your weekend hunting for hidden Bitcoin in No Man’s Sky or attempting to complete a Bitcoin puzzle, the important thing is that you have fun doing it. Crypto provides so many uses in the world, and we are finally beginning to see it emerging into the entertainment sector.
Blockchain technology has the ability to revolutionize the gaming industry, and now we can see exactly why!