Quixxi Allows You to Send Crypto Payments via Email

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Deciding how to send your friends crypto payments for last night’s drinks can often be a tough decision, but Quixxi has just made the process simpler than ordering a pint. By intertwining Ethereum wallet addresses with email addresses, mobile phone numbers, or login IDs, Quixxi gives users the ability to bypass the complexity of crypto wallets, helping users easily manage and send cryptos. This novel approach will help push the boundaries of adoption and will bring in a new wave of crypto users thanks to its incredible ease.

Top Notch Security

Those worried about security issues and having crypto stolen through a hack or email hijack can rest at ease. Reason being that Quixxi uses shards of private keys and state of the art encryption to safely store and send cryptos via relatively unsecure networks. Even if your email or data packet is intercepted, it’s virtually impossible for anyone to steal your crypto funds through such means. Emails are one of the few messaging systems that remain unencrypted and as such are relatively weak. Quixxi fixies these security flaws when your Ethereum wallet is connected.

Helping People Move Cryptos Around

One of the biggest issues when it comes to mass adoption of cryptos is the fact wallets are so confusing. People lose access to their wallets, whether it be due to forgotten seed phrases, or even misplacing hardware wallets. This new solution from Quixxi means that as long as you can prove you are who you say you are, you will always have access to your cryptos. An estimated 17% to 23% of all Bitcoins have been lost so far, and this number will only increase as hardware fails or people forget seed phrases.

Soulja Boy Sending Cryptos Thru the Phone?

Soulja Boy has released a song where he raps about trading Bitcoin and making a fortune from it. While he says he used Cash App and PayPal, he would probably benefit from sending cryptos using his emails, that way he doesn’t need to remember his seed phrase. When it comes to celebs getting into crypto, it isn’t just Soulja Boy, in fact Kim Kardashian West was given her first Bitcoin at a charity poker tourney just a few months back.
However you choose to store your cryptos and remember your seed phrases is up to you, but Quixxi certainly sounds like a great solution for those of you who have a tendency to forget things.