Phil Falcone Reportedly Touting Crypto TV Channel

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  • Former hedge fund manager Phil Falcone is apparently behind proposed crypto TV channel
  • aims to offer “breaking news, entertainment, and trending digital activity about Crypto, Web3, and the Metaverse”
  • Falcone now has hundreds of millions of dollars of debt after making billions shorting the housing market

A TV station dedicated to the “digital space” is reportedly being touted by disgraced former hedge fund billionaire Phil Falcone. The New York Post reports that Falcone, who amassed a $2 billion fortune shorting the housing market before losing it and ending up hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, is leading, with former music executive Charlie Walk by his side. Walk left Republic Records in 2018 after five women accused him of sexual misconduct. Would be First Crypto TV Channel

Little is known about, and indeed its website is merely a WordPress site which states that the channel will be “dedicated to the digital space” and will bring “breaking news, entertainment, and trending digital activity about Crypto, Web3, and the Metaverse.” The erroneous use of capital letters alone should be cause for concern over the potential quality of its output.

A progress bar also indicates 72%, although exactly what this refers to is not specified.

Channel “Launching Very Soon”

Falcone told The Post that, having pitched the channel to potential investors since January, he was going through a “quiet period” and was not able to discuss, while Walk also failed to provide any updates to the newspaper.

The latest tweet from the Twitter account states that the channel is “launching very soon”, although the website says that it is in fact “launching in the third quarter of 2022”. Whether anyone actually wants a 24/7 cryptocurrency, NFT, and metaverse news channel in their lives at all is another matter altogether.