Pundi X Teams up with Chainzilla for Panama Crypto Payments

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Panama is a popular destination with people trying to evade taxes and those that love crypto. In a bid to help spread mass adoption of crypto payments, Chainzilla has decided to partner up with Pundi X to deploy its XPOS and XPASS system in the country. There are already 11 Bitcoin ATMs in the country, meaning there is a demand for crypto. This in turn will play into Coinzilla’s hands as it seeks to get the XPOS machines installed in stores around the nation.

Pundi X Stepping up Its Game

Instead of shipping the Pundi X XPOS machine, it has worked on developing a software module that plugs into the Verifone X990 POS machine. It’s the most popular POS machine in the world, meaning Pundi X has found a way to allow millions of merchants around the globe quickly accept crypto payments. Cyclebit has developed a similar integration, allowing a range of POS machines to generate QR codes to accept and dispense crypto.

Taking Over South Africa

Chainzilla isn’t the first crypto payments company to deploy the Pundi X system. Back in April, DoshX teamed up with Pundi X to deploy the XPOS and XPASS card in South Africa, bringing crypto adoption to one of the most populous nations of unbanked people on the planet. By allowing the unbanked people of South Africa to finally pay for goods and services digitally, DoshX and Pundi X are helping spread mass adoption to the unbanked people of the world in a safer way than Facebook is hoping to do with Libra.

Latin America Getting More Crypto Payment Options

Last week, we saw Cryptobuyer join the Binance Chain network in a bid to increase its services in Latin America. Cryptobuyer is responsible for a number of the Bitcoin ATMs in Panama, and once it manages to fully integrate to the Binance Chain, we will be able to see people buying BNB from these very same ATMS. Chainzilla certainly has its work cut out with this huge move from Cryptobuyer, especially as Crypbouyer has a POS terminal that accepts a wide range of cryptos too.

Pundi X and Chainzilla are changing the game in Panama, and it’s likely that this new POS system integration from Pundi X will become popular with merchants around the world. Panama is about to become a hotspot for crypto payment adoption, and we for one are very excited to see it succeed and grow as a crypto hotspot.