UC Berkeley To Host Crypto Music Festival

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The University of California Berkeley (UCB) is well known for its high caliber of graduates and experimental approaches towards the world. It boasts some of the biggest names in tech as graduates, such as Steve Wozniak and Eric Schmidt, and UCB is on track to create a new generation of tech entrepreneurs. In its latest event, UCB is hosting the world’s first crypto music festival, where it will have its own cryptocurrency that will be used for a range of items at the festival – from tickets to drinks and everything in-between.

Opening the Greek Theatre

UCB has selected the Greek Theatre as the venue for this groundbreaking music festival. The 8,500 capacity venue will be hosting names such as Zedd, Big Sean, and Charlotte Lawrence. Our Music Festival (OMF) will be using its own OMF token to power the event and it will be redeemable for products, services, and experiences. Tickets are nearly sold out for the first crypto music festival, but you can still get your hands on tickets and related experiences at time of writing.

Crypto Coming to the Music Industry

Many musicians are complaining about Spotify and how centralized the platform is. Wheeler Walker Jnr has repeatedly called out Spotify for not including his music in their popular playlists – essentially meaning he will earn less money due to lower market exposure. This has led to the development of decentralized music streaming platforms such as Choon, whereby musicians can alter how much people are rewarded for adding their songs to a public playlist.

Bitcoin Thru’ The Phone

Everyone’s favorite rapper – Soulja Boy – has just launched his new album, and on it he has a track called Bitcoin. In the song he raps about how he bought Bitcoin, he lists a handful of apps and how much he sold it for. This is great exposure for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole, as his massive following will most likely now want to get some Bitcoin action to become a baller like Soujla Boy.

Huge Music Festivals Yet to Show the Crypto Love

Some of the biggest American music festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo still haven’t paid any homage to digital currencies, but no doubt in their next edition we will see cryptos shining through. Coachella brings in almost 250,000 people every year and if they decide to expose everyone to crypto, it would truly help spark the mass adoption of cryptos in the country.
People around the world look up to musicians, and as they slowly get into cryptos, so too will their followers. This crypto music festival at UC Berkeley is the spark that the crypto world needs to slowly work its way into the music scene.