Cryptic Message Inscribed on Bitcoin Confuses NFT Community

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • The NFT community is confused by a cryptic message recently inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain
  • Some have interpreted the message to mean that it teases an upcoming Bitcoin NFT collection
  • Others think that the mysterious message doesn’t provide “much info” to decode its meaning

A mysterious message inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain has left the NFT community eager to decode its meaning. For some, the cryptic inscription points to an existing or upcoming Ordinals collection on the network. However, others argue that the message is too cryptic and doesn’t offer many clues to conclusively analyze its meaning, leaving the community confused by its creator’s intentions.

Born Together, Cursed at Heart

The message reads, “10,000 sats, side by side. A single UTXO, untouched inside. Born together, cursed at heart. Built with code, Bitcoin Art. 391481082118 – 391481092117.”

Although the message points to a possible Bitcoin art collection featuring 10,000 collectibles, there’s nothing on the Bitcoin blockchain suggesting the existence of an inscription named “Cursed.” 

Pseudonymous NFT historian Leonidas noted that the message does provide “much info” on a possible meaning, adding that its creator may be forced to “just be communicating with inscriptions” because they’re yet to reveal themselves or their intentions on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter).

The creator confirmed Leonidas’ views with a message saying, “We have no Twitter. We have no Discord. We are not for sale.”

Apart from pointing to a collection named “Cursed,” the original message may also mean the creator has found a way to bring inscriptions, commonly known as Cursed Ordinals/Inscriptions, that didn’t initially display on wallets or marketplaces to life.

Impossible to Have a Positive Number

According to Leonidas, Cursed Inscriptions are allocated a negative number, noting that resolving them and turning negative to positive numbers reorders the numbers of previous recognizable inscriptions. 

Leonidas revealed the Bitcoin Ordinals project has undergone an upgrade that makes it impossible for inscriptions already with negative numbers to cross over to the positive side.

The confusion comes at a time when a Bitcoin Core developer has vowed to kill the Ordinals project, arguing it feeds on a weakness in the blockchain.

With an upgrade on Bitcoin Ordinals making it impossible to resolve inscriptions with a negative number, the message likely points to a new collection featuring 10,000 collectibles.