Polygon Partners with TAC to Bring DeFi and GameFi to TON Users

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Polygon has partnered with Ton Application Chain (TAC) to open up the DeFi and GameFi ecosystem on the TON blockchain
  • This will be made possible by enabling Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility on the TON network
  • TAC intends to use the opportunity to expand the mini apps ecosystem on Telegram

Polygon is extending Ethereum’s reach by allowing applications built on the blockchain to be run on the TON network. This is after Polygon partnered with Ton Application Chain (TAC) to push DeFi and GaneFi boundaries on the TON blockchain by creating a TON-powered EVM-compatible layer two platform. TAC plans to use the collaboration to expand the mini apps ecosystem on Telegram, a space currently ruled by the likes of Notcoin and Hamster Kombat.

Lowering Entry Barriers

The new TON scaling layer will employ Polygon’s blockchain development toolkit, CDK, which uses zero-knowledge technology. Although decentralized finance and gaming are among some focus points, bringing EVM compatibility to the TON network is expected to increase the range of applications across the TON blockchain.

TAC’s Pavel Altukhov noted that enabling EVM compatibility lowers the barriers to interacting with the TON blockchain, adding that it will bring more developers to the network. 

It will also allow Ethereum developers to market their creations to Telegram users. The collaboration comes two weeks after SlowMist warned against continuous attacks on TON-powered projects. 

TON Surpasses Ethereum in Active Users

It also comes a few days after reports emerged that daily active users on TON in June were more than those on Ethereum. The partnership adds to Polygon’s list of partners in a bid to bring more people to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Polygon has, for example, partnered with Lugano plus it has welcomed Polygon 2.0 to align with its users’ future needs.

With EVM compatibility coming to TON, it’s to be seen whether popular Ethereum projects will migrate to TON to take advantage of the vibrant crypto community on Telegram.