Opera Adds Support for Bitcoin and Tron via its Android Wallet

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Opera is a popular browser amongst crypto fans thanks to its impressive range of features. However, there was a major flaw that prevented it from being picked up by the entire crypto community – the lack of supported tokens in the Opera wallet. To help draw in more users and make its wallet even more popular, Opera has added support for Bitcoin and Tron in its Android browser.

Bitcoin and Tron Joining the ERC-20 Party

Until now, the Opera wallet only allowed users to send and receive Ethereum and all ERC-20 based tokens. While this made the Opera browser great for the ICO boom, now more tokens are opting for alternative networks, so it’s starting to become slightly pointless for crypto holders. To spice things up and bring back browser users, Opera is giving users the power to send and receive Bitcoin and Tron in its latest version. Anyone looking to take advantage of this new feature will need to head to the Google Play Store and download the latest version of the Opera Beta Browser – or update their existing app version.

iOS Version Coming Soon

Back in March, Opera announced the launch of Opera Touch – the Opera browser for iOS devices. Opera Touch comes packing a crypto wallet and dApp integration, as well as various other web 3.0 functionalities. It was the first mobile browser to launch on the iOS platform offering these capabilities. However, it’s lagging behind its Android counterpart and will see Bitcoin and Tron added to it in the coming weeks and months.

Making Transacting in Bitcoin Easier Than Ever Before

Users who have Bitcoin wallets in the Opera browser will be able to pay using Bitcoin in a quick and easy way. It’s currently an experimental integration of Web 3.0 technology, so it has the potential to not work properly every single time – so bear with it. When working, it will make it possible for websites to request and receive addresses for users to make transactions with Bitcoin. While it’s not yet clear if this will be applied to every website out there or not, but if it means users can checkout on a website using Bitcoin, then we could see mass adoption go through the roof.

Opera only commands 2.88% of the global web traffic, but it could soon see a huge boost thanks to this new integration of Bitcoin and Tron. For now, iOS users will have to wait as Opera perfects the integration for Opera Touch.