Kobe Bryant to Speak at Tron’s niTROn Conference

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If there was ever proof that all a cryptocurrency needed to survive was good marketing, Tron would be it. Tron’s CEO – Justin Sun – is famed for his ability to build incredible suspense amongst his followers, only for actual announcements to fall flat. Despite this, Tron appears to be flourishing with the price pumping very frequently on the back of Sun’s clever marketing strategies. However, it appears as if Sun is looking for another face to draw in the crowds. Tron has turned to NBA all-star Kobe Bryant to give a talk at its upcoming niTROn conference.

Kobe Loves to Invest

When he isn’t on the basketball court, you can probably find Kobe investing or trading some form of stocks or cryptos. He is well renowned in the investment world for his shrewd ability to pick out winning stocks long before the pros.
Earlier this year, Bryant bought majority control of a sports drink firm for around $6 million. A few months later, Coca-Cola bought the company, valuing Bryant’s investment at just over $200 million – not bad day at the office.

Celebs Endorsing Crypto Trash

ICO projects receive crazy amounts of funding during the initial ICO phase, and a certain percentage of this has to be allocated to marketing. What better way to splash the cash and hopefully increase your brand awareness than by calling in a celeb?
In the past celebs have endorsed a whole range of ICOs, but the majority have turned out to be crypto trash. Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled both endorsed Centra Tech on social media for undisclosed sums, but now the ICO project is being sued for staging an exit scam. It just goes to show that a big celebrity endorsement doesn’t mean that the project is legitimate.

Learn from Ripple’s Mistakes

For such a marketing genius, you would hope that Sun would have learned from Ripple’s epic mistake back in August. Ripple announced Bill Clinton as its Swell Conference’s keynote speaker, only to be epically trolled on Twitter from hordes of Ripple haters.
While Kobe Bryant might not provoke the same kind of reaction, it still raises questions as to why Justin Sun selected someone with no crypto pedigree to give a key speech at the niTROn conference – perhaps it lends to the fact that Tron is a nothing crypto.
Kobe Bryant has yet to disclose exactly what he will do or say at the niTROn conference, but this could once again be one of Justin Sun’s elaborate marketing stunts. With it all designed to hype up investors and beat the crypto crash – sadly, we don’t even think Kobe Bryant can help the crypto market beat the drop right now.