Fortune Castigates “Fake Satoshi” Ahead of Trial

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  • Fortune recently criticized “fake Satoshi” Craig Wright a week before his trial
  • The outlet said that Bitcoin developers, along with the other plaintiffs, COPA, have Wright “on the ropes”
  • Wright’s evidence has been eviscerated by forensic experts on both sides

Fortune recently castigated “fake Satoshi” candidate Craig Wright a week before he heads to trial over his ten-year claim to be Bitcoin’s creator. The outlet declared that the Bitcoin developers who, alongside the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA), are seeking clarification on the matter from a court, have Wright “on the ropes” after the bulk of his evidence was dismissed by forensic experts from both sides. Wright’s recent settlement offer, which was nothing but an attempt at PR spin, was rejected by COPA just hours after it was made.

Forbes Pulls no Punches

Fortune writer Jeff Roberts didn’t pull any punches when giving his assessment of Wright’s life and crimes, saying that he makes a point of “not writing about Wright because part of his con game is to persuade the media to cover his antics, and then use the coverage to advance the claim he is Satoshi.” Roberts added that Wright “is not” Satoshi Nakamoto, a fact that has been “clear since at least 2015 when Wright failed to produce a piece of evidence he claimed to possess in the form of Satoshi’s private key.”

This in fact happened in 2016, although the episode itself stemmed from a deal Wright signed in 2015 to be publicly announced as Satoshi Nakamoto in return for a bailout to save him from possible tax fraud charges. Since then, Roberts added, “Wright has been discredited many times over—including over his propensity for forgery and academic plagiarism—yet still he persists with his stupid lawsuits.”

His latest embarrassment came in 2022 when he lost a libel case centered around his Satoshi claim to Twitter user Hodlonaut, months after he also lost a similar libel case against Peter McCormack having put forward a “deliberately false case” in the words of the judge.

Wright’s “Bogus Legal Strategy” Slammed

Roberts then addressed Wright’s most recent “bogus legal strategy” in the form of his multiple lawsuits over Bitcoin’s intellectual property, which are now dependent on the outcome of the COPA vs. Wright case to start next Monday.

Roberts calls these IP claims “nonsense, of course,” noting that “things got decidedly more fun” last October when the judge in the case allowed COPA to press claims that Wright had put forged documents before the court to support his fabrications. This could see Wright up on a perjury charge if he is found guilty.

Wright put forward a settlement offer which was nothing more than PR spin, an offer that COPA rejected because it didn’t address any of the claims in their suit, leading to, in Roberts’ words, the table being set for “one of crypto’s worst liars and bullies to face justice.”