OneCoin Movie Starring Kate Winslet Gets Go Ahead

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  • The story of OneCoin, the cryptocurrency scam that took some $4 billion, is to be made into a film starring Kate Winslet
  • Winslet will star in the project, which is backed by MGM studios
  • The film will be based on an upcoming book by OneCoin victim Jen McAdam

OneCoin, the cryptocurrency-based Ponzi scheme that stole $4 billion from thousands of investors all over the world, is to get the Hollywood treatment after MGM announced that a movie is in the works. Following its success as a BBC podcast, which is itself being remade into a TV series, Fake! will see Kate Winslet star as one of the more outspoken OneCoin scam victims Jen McAdam, who, along with her family, lost some $300,000, with the film being based on McAdam’s forthcoming book on the subject.

OneCoin To Get The Hollywood Treatment

OneCoin is perhaps the most famous cryptocurrency scam and is certainly the biggest. Starting in 2014, the scam offered a crypto-utopia based around the OneLife program, which used the OneCoin cryptocurrency as its currency.

Through lavish events and clever marketing that sold it as the ‘next Bitcoin’, OneCoin began to rake in money from all over the world, taking in billions before the first complaints were made to authorities.

In mid-2017, the U.S. filed charges against Dr Ignatova and several members of the OneCoin hierarchy, which led to Dr Ignatova going into hiding, where she has remained ever since.

McAdam Succeeds in Getting the Word Out

Fake! will be based on the unpublished book by outspoken OneCoin victim Jen McAdam, who has in the past received death threats over her work to expose the scam. McAdam convinced family members to invest in OneCoin, together sinking over $300,000 into the Ponzi scheme. McAdam has also agreed to play a production role on the movie as she continues her attempts to bring the scam to the world’s attention.

Fake! won’t be the first cryptocurrency-based film or TV show, but it is set to be the biggest to date, with a bona fide Hollywood star playing the lead role and the studio behind the James Bond franchise backing it.