No, Elizabeth Warren Didn’t Just Endorse Bitcoin

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  • Senator Elizabeth Warren’s supposed endorsement for a Bitcoin-related Capitol flag fly has turned out to be a stunt
  • Warren signed off a Satoshi Nakamoto-themed flag above the Capitol, but it had nothing to do with her
  • Anyone can pay a fee and have a flag flown, but the stunt still raised a laugh

Has Elizabeth Warren changed her mind and suddenly embraced Bitcoin?! Sadly, no, but this was temporarily the sentiment after it was revealed that the anti-crypto senator had signed off on a pro-Bitcoin flag to be flown over the US Capitol. The stunt was lauded on social media before it was revealed to be something that anyone could pull off for a fee and in no way represented a change in heart from Warren. It was, nevertheless, a nice little publicity stunt that raised a few laughs in Bitcoin circles.

Warren Flying the Flag?

Warren has fashioned herself as one of blockchain’s fiercest critics in the Senate, spearheading bills like last year’s Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act that aimed to curb the ability for financial institutions to transact in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Given the Senator’s anti-Bitcoin track record, then, it came as a surprise this week when she appeared to sign off on an official order commanding a flag be flown over the U.S. Capitol in honor of pseudonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto:

Although some credulous commentators celebrated Warren’s “endorsement,” social media sleuths quickly pointed out that anyone can, for a fee, fill out a form on the Senator’s website to have a flag flown over the US Capitol. This rather downgrades the achievement, but allows for a little joke at Warren’s expense.

It may not be long before something more low-key takes place, however, given that a delegation of Massachusetts-based blockchain entrepreneurs met last month with a senior staffer in Senator Warren’s office in an attempt to educate the senator on blockchain. Perhaps not a flag, but potentially a softening in stance.

Or not.