Bitcoin Baby College Fund Now Worth Over $50,000

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  • A Bitcoin college fund set up for Izabelle ‘Bitcoin Baby’ Bowles in 2019 is now worth over $50,000
  • Izabelle’s father Peter published a Bitcoin address in her birth announcement on January 6, 2019
  • Hundreds of people contributed, and she now has enough to see her through college after just two years

A college fund set up in early 2019 by Bitcoin supporter Peter Bowles for his newborn daughter is now worth over $50,000. Known at the time as the Bitcoin Baby, the nearly two-year-old Izabelle Bowles has had 1.1 donated to her Bitcoin college fund, which at today’s valuation is worth $54,000. This is currently enough to send her to a private school for four years, but naturally the Bowles family will be hoping that by the time Bitcoin Baby Izabelle can make use of the money it will be worth even more.

Bitcoin Baby College Fund Hit $76,000 In November

Peter Bowles made headlines on January 6, 2019 when he announced the birth of Izabelle in The Times newspaper along with a Bitcoin address representing a “Bitcoin college fund”, to which hundreds have now contributed. At the time of the initial raft of donations the haul was worth some $3,800, but Bitcoin’s incredible run since then has seen the value balloon to be able to more than Bitcoin Baby Izabelle will need. Indeed, at the peak of the 2021 bull run her college fund was worth around $76,000.

650% Return in 12 Months

Peter joyously reported on Izabelle’s first birthday in January 2020 that the Bitcoin college fund had enjoyed a 100% return, massively outstripping conventional investments, and in two weeks’ time he will be able to go even better, with the past 12 months seeing a 650% return on the Bitcoin Baby college fund.