NFT News Roundup – 26/11/2021

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This week in NFT land we saw Sotheby’s announce the “biggest NFT charity auction ever”, Martha Stewart give us more reasons to be thankful, and FC Barcelona ditch their NFT contract after a consultant went rogue.

Sotheby’s Going Big For Charity

Sotheby’s started the week off on a good foot with news of a collaboration with public health care advocate and nonprofit organization Sostento, to auction off its latest NFT collection via Sotheby’s Metaverse. Sotheby’s says that the auction, called Gifted: The 140 Collection, will be the “biggest NFT charity auction ever”, with all of its proceeds going to Sostento.

The collection itself will feature NFTs Twitter gifted to 140 randomly selected followers earlier this year, many of which have been donated by the recipients to Sotheby’s for the auction. The auction closes on December 1.

Martha Goes Back to the Future for Thanksgiving

Martha Stewart, who has already cooked up a batch of homely NFTs, brought Thanksgiving to the crypto community this week by releasing some themed NFTs. Sold through her NFT boutique Fresh Mint, the collection included a vintage Martha Thanksgiving picture and an audio recording of Stewart recounting the disastrous first Thanksgiving she served in her own home in 1961, which involved a cremated turkey.

Famous Python Digitizes 50-Year Old Artwork

Another person getting in on the NFT action this Thanksgiving was Monty Python animator Terry Gilliam, although his timing was purely coincidental. Gilliam has animated a picture that has hung on his wall for 50 years and is selling it as an NFT, his first in a series following a deal with Decrypt Studios.

The piece, called Blessed Before Blast, is listed on OpenSea and ends on November 29.

NFTs Big in Japan Thanks to Konami

There was good news for gamers this week as Kimihiko Higashio, the Representative Director and President of Japanese gaming giant Konami, announced that the company was looking into incorporating blockchain technology and NFTs. After Steam owners Valve quietly blocked all blockchain games in October, crypto loving gamers will be pleased to know that at least developers are looking to the future.

Higashio said on Monday that, “With the evolution of technologies such as AI, 5G and NFTs, as well as the increasing recognition of esports as a sporting event, we expect the market to be revitalized by inventive new ways to enjoy games.”

Konami had already hinted earlier this month that it was looking into the concept of blockchain and NFTs, and this announcement clearly shows that Konami is serious about its intentions.

Barca Kicks NFT Deal Into Touch After 17 Days

FC Barcelona scrapped a recently-inked deal with NFT producer Ownix after a consultant to the company, the owner of Israeli soccer club Beitar Jerusalem Moshe Hogeg, was arrested on charges of being involved in a cryptocurrency scam.

Although no blame was put on Ownix, who itself cut ties with Hogeg after the news broke, they still bore the brunt of Hogeg’s actions, seeing the biggest deal of its short life being scrapped after 17 days.