NFT News Roundup – 23/04/22

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What’s happened in this week’s fast and frantic world of NFTs? There’s only one way to find out – our weekly NFT roundup.

Coinbase NFT Marketplace Launches

Coinbase NFT this week launched its social-oriented NFT marketplace in beta. Coinbase is positioning the marketplace as a space that transcends transactional NFT trading and encourages a connection between collectors and artists, hence the social features modeled after popular social media apps like Instagram.

Since the marketplace is in beta, access is restricted to a select few who were the earliest to register for the project’s waitlist. The beta marketplace will allow users to connect a profile; interact with others in the community; and discover, buy, and sell NFTs without any fees.

Social features on the Coinbase NFT Marketplace allow users to follow other profiles, make comments on NFTs, and upvote or downvote comments during conversations. And comment they did, with initial reviews hardly being overwhelmingly positive as a result. The marketplace also has “Discover” and “Shop” tabs that will curate items based on the user’s activities on the platform.

Coinbase has announced that more features will be added as the platform nears a full launch. The features will include drops, mints, token-gated communities, the ability to buy NFTs using Coinbase accounts or credit cards in the upcoming months, support for NFTs on different chains, and, eventually, transaction fees.

Snoop Dogg Grows the Metaverse’s First Weed Farm

Rapper and NFT-lover Snoop Dogg will share his love for weed with fans by farming weed in the Mafia Metaverse, MOBLAND. The tripartite collaboration between Snoop Dogg, MOBLAND, and Crypto Investor Champ Medici will pioneer a new “grow-to-earn” mechanism on the platform.

The interactive weed farming opportunity will feature a series of limited-edition Snoop Dogg weed farm NFTs.

MOBLAND is a Mafia metaverse where players can live a life of crime guilt-free. The metaverse project is backed by famous names, which include Animoca Brands, Justin Kan (Twitch Founder), Robin Chan (Goat Capital Founder), and Do Kwon (Terra founder), and others.

GaryVee Launches VeeFriends Series 2

The VeeFriends NFT Project has introduced 15 new characters in a series 2 release. The launch of the new collection, which will consist of 55,555 tokens based on 251 characters (236 from series 1 and 15 new characters), will take place over four minting periods.

VeeFriends Series 2 will take Gary Vee’s original hand-drawn characters to the next level by re-imagining them and rendering their 3D characters, complete with new backgrounds and poses. Series 2 also presents interested collectors with an opportunity to become a part of the VeeFriends community.

The public mint will start on April 25th at 1 pm (EDT), with a mint price of 0.335 ETH + gas. Any user who holds the “member” role in the VeeFriends Discord on Thursday, April 21st at 6:10 PM (EDT) will be eligible to enter the VeeFriends Series 2 Public Mint allowlist raffle on PREMINT.

Louis Vuitton Launches Gamified NFTs to Celebrate its Birthday

Louis Vuitton has released an exclusive collection of NFTs which will serve as the centerpiece for its birthday celebration. The party will take place through its mobile app game, Louis: The Game, where players will have the opportunity to enter into a 10-part raffle to win any of the ten exclusive NFTs available.

The NFTs were made in collaboration with Beeple’s startup, Wenew Labs, and Possible. The raffle will take place after the brand’s birthday on August 4th and entry into the raffle depends on collecting a certain amount of free NFTs within Louis: The Game. So yes, you have to play it. Sorry about that.

Check back next week for more highlights of what’s happened in the wild and wacky world of NFTs!