NFT News Roundup – 11/06/22 (Part 1)

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time to mange mange mange our way through the NFT action of the week. And it’s been such a bumper week that we’ve split it into two parts. You can find part two here. Waiter – the salad dressing!

Michael Owen Scores Own Goal With NFT Tweet

Former physio botherer Michael Owen was this week told to remove a tweet in which he claimed that his NFT collection couldn’t lose its initial value. Owen’s claim riled the UK’s advertising watchdog so much that it emailed him to tell him to remove the tweet, saying people might actually believe it.

The truth of the matter is somewhat different – holders are not actually allowed to list the NFTs for lower than the minting price or accept offers under it, which is a VERY different thing altogether.

Anthony Hopkins Buys Ethereum Domain

Famed actor Sir Anthony Hopkins raised some eyebrows this week by picking up a named Ethereum domain and soliciting Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Fallon and Reese Witherspoon for advice on which NFTs to buy.

84-year-old Hopkins picked up AHopkins.eth before bugging other NFT-loving celebs for guidance:

This isn’t the first time Hopkins has delved into the weird and wonderful world of Web 3.0 however – his latest sci-fi movie Zero Contact was the first feature film to be distributed as an NFT in the back end of last year, bypassing the traditional theatre release route.

Mattel Enters the Meta-oy-verse

Toymaking giant Mattel this week joined the metaverse thanks to a tie-in with upcoming toy-focused NFT marketplace Cryptoys to exclusively feature its brands on the platform. Cryptoys anticipates launching in late summer 2022 on the Flow blockchain and is the flagship product of OnChain Studios, which plans to make a Cryptoys metaverse and other play-to-earn games using Mattel’s intellectual property.

Users can expect Mattel’s most prized assets to be made into playable avatars with buyers able to use them in a variety of ways inside the Cryptoys metaverse. The partnership was teased by Cryptoys this week with its Twitter account posting a 17-second video featuring some of Mattel’s retro product adverts:

Stranger Things NFT Game Slaughtered

The Candy Digital minigame NFT tie-in with TV sensation Stranger Things has gone down about as well as can be expected by Stranger Things fans, who reacted to the unique and fun extension of the brand as though someone has stolen their favourite shoes and kicked them in the head with them.

The creation, a mystery game involving a virtual Stranger Things laboratory, awards NFT to successful players, but the very nature of it was enough for some to recoil in horror. Here’s a sample of the most offended tweets:

Simple solution – don’t play it. Clowns.