Metaverse ‘Simplifies Employee Management’

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • New research has revealed that managing employees in a virtual world is simpler than in the physical world
  • The research noted that HR managers can interact with employees in a game-like setup within the metaverse
  • Researchers however noted that such possibilities are yet to be realized with the current version of the metaverse

Researchers in Finland have discovered that managing a workforce using metaverse-powered methods can be simpler and enhanced compared to doing so in the real world. According to the researchers, managing employees in the metaverse can take a gamified approach enabling HR managers to access crucial employee performance metrics at a glance. The research, however, noted that this metaverse use case is years away from implementation, an observation that aligns with that of Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin who thinks that the metaverse needs an additional 28 years to mature.

Metahumans in an Industrial Metaverse

The researchers made this observation when exploring the advantages of having “Metahumans” or digital versions of employees in an industrial metaverse.

According to their research, virtual versions of physical employees can assist HR managers in modifying workers’ data to indicate “internal traits” like attention, stress and fatigue levels. These metrics can help managers to better connect and manage employees.

The researchers added that “depending on the application, digital humans could have other qualities that allow them to interact and exchange information with the digital environment” enabling managers to simultaneously focus on employees and operations in an industrial setup.

China Investigates Metaverse Crimes

The research comes a few days after China disclosed that it has started cracking down on metaverse-based crimes in the country. It also comes when traditional companies like Disney and Nike are increasing their exploration of the virtual world with a focus on gaming.

Web3 firms like Yuga are also increasing investments in their web3 games with the likes of Assassin’s Creed maker tapping AI to boost game sustainability and ROI.

Although the researchers see a metaverse-monitored physical workforce as a thing of the future, developments and investments in the space may quicken its realization.