NavCoin and REN Join the Changeangel Family

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • NavCoin and REN are the two latest coins to join the changeangel family
  • Changeangel donates a portion of fees back to the non ico coins that are used during the swap, allowing ecosystems to grow thanks to this funding
  • Both NAV and REN are two impressive projects with very different use cases. But both have an amazing future

Blockchain projects are forever looking to gain more exposure, more users and boost that all important metric – adoption. One of the best ways to achieve this is by joining exchanges, more specifically, an exchange for social good. One that truly cares about the adoption of blockchain technology and gives back to those in need.

This week has been a bumper week for fans of changeangel as they’ve announced that two wonderful projects have joined their swap exchange. Get ready to start swapping the impressive NavCoin and Ren on this impressive swap exchange.

Meet NavCoin

If you’re not familiar with NavCoin, you’re going to want to pay close attention as it’s definitely a blockchain that will turn your world to a brighter shade of green. NavCoin is the world’s first carbon neutral cryptocurrency that can handle more than 260 transactions per second. It has incredibly low transaction fees and uses OpenAlias that makes sending crypto easier than ever before. Simply type out a name like you would an email address and you can send your NAV to someone else – say goodbye to remembering long wallet addresses!

NAV is accepted by merchants all around the globe, meaning you can tap into the next generation of crypto payments and become a hero of mass adoption while keeping the planet green and clean. Thanks to being a non ico coin, any fees collected by changeangel when you swap your other coins into NAV, a portion will be donated back to NavCoin to help the ecosystem grow and develop – how cool is that!

Get Ready for REN

Now, unless you’re into your blockchain finance, there’s a good chance you’ve probably not heard of REN before. REN is a decentralized virtual machine and SDK that allows darkpools and other decentralized applications to privately integrate interoperability with other blockchain networks. In short, this allows crypto OTC desks to quickly and cost effectively swap cryptos and tokens from a range of blockchain networks into other cryptos and tokens that their clients request, all without the fear of a 3rd party letting them down.

REN makes this process just over 250 times faster than is currently possible thanks to its incredible technology and hyperdrive consensus mechanism. On top of this, REN allows its users to remain private by using Shamir’s Secret sharing and secure multiparty computation. So, while your average Joe might not have a great use for REN tokens, the crypto financial industry has a huge demand for them, creating value. You can get your hands on REN by swapping your coins into REN through changeangel.

It’s been a huge week for users of the incredibly popular changeangel, and as more and more people begin to swap their coins on changeangel, the more changeangel can give back to these communities – a feature that no big crypto exchange offers. So, support these amazing coins by swapping them through changeangel as you’ll be directly contributing to the betterment and future of these incredible projects!