New AI Based Crypto Malware Targets Wikipedia’s Donation Page

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Malware in the crypto word is becoming a huge nuisance, as it’s starting to become more advanced. A few years ago, all we had to worry about was ransomware demanding to be paid in Bitcoin or cryptojacking scripts. However, a new breed of malware is using AI to systematically replace key bits of information on sites you visit to help hackers get rich without you even knowing what’s going on. If you’re making crypto transactions, be very wary if you think there is a chance you could be infected – you could lose everything.

How Does it Work?

The malware will come bundled into a seemingly genuine file you’re downloading from the internet. After landing on your machine, it will install itself and try to crack the admin credentials. Once it has managed to do so, it will lay in waiting for you to land on a page that shows a crypto address – like on the Wikipedia donation page. It will then automatically change these addresses to that of the hackers and not the person you thought you were sending crypto to. It also has the power to alter Google search results that you see on your device. This gives the hackers multiple opportunities to make a ton of cash in a very short space of time.

You Won’t Know Until It’s Too Late

This new breed of malware is so smart, that it’s virtually undetectable. The only way you’re likely to find out is when its already too late and you have sent a whole bunch of crypto to scammers. Not only is your crypto gone forever with virtually no chance of recovering it, businesses like Wikipedia that rely upon these donations will lose an incredible sum of money that they could have used to keep operating for months to come. Once you have realized that you’re infected with this new malware, your best bet of finding a cure is to take your machine to a professional.

BlackRouter is Back

A couple of years ago, BlackRouter was one of the most feared ransomwares out there. It has been responsible for some of the most devastating attacks on organizations, and now its back with a bang. It has an upgraded user interface and a huge affiliate program designed to make it spread like wildfire. In a very short space of time, we could see smart malwares and ransomwares teaming up to create the biggest nightmare a computer user could imagine.

Cryptojacking Still Prominent as Ever

Until now, cryptojacking has been the biggest concern on people’s mind. Using your own machine to mine cryptos in secret for a hacker isn’t our definition of a fun night in – and it’s likely not yours either. This is becoming a huge problem, as it causes machines to break quicker due to the excessive load placed on all components – resulting in huge bills for computer owners. Fortunately, security experts are bringing the cryptojacking threat under control, but this is forcing hackers to move onto more devastating attacks.
If you think something is going on with your device, it’s worth having a professional check it out – after all, you don’t want to lose your hard earned crypto. While the Wikipedia donation page is a top priority for this new AI malware, it will change any crypto address that hits your screen, so be extra cautious when you’re sending crypto.