Moon Zebra Hits the Road Again

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Moon Zebra launched Malta’s very first 2-way Bitcoin ATM, and it’s become one of the most popular ways to buy Bitcoin on the island. With the majority of banks on the island banning transactions to crypto exchanges, the Moon Zebra 2-way Bitcoin ATM provides Maltese residents with an important lifeline to crypto markets. After moving home a couple of weeks ago to Jungle Joy, the Bitcoin ATM is on the move again to its latest home – the Sliema Minimarket.

More Hours Means More Bitcoin

One of the reasons behind the second move is better opening hours. The Sliema Minimarket is open from 7am until 2am the following day – meaning you can get your hands on Bitcoin at virtually any time of day or night. This is a huge advantage for Malta-based crypto enthusiasts as they can quickly dive into crypto markets when it suits them – even if they work until late. At its previous homes, the Moon Zebra Bitcoin ATM was locked away when the location was closed – leading to the ATM being inaccessible for a large portion of the day.

Pushing Bitcoin Adoption on the Blockchain Island

It’s no secret that crypto adoption on the blockchain island is woefully low, and Moon Zebra is trying its hardest to change that. There is currently a Bitcoin store that allows shoppers to buy all sorts of items and pay using Bitcoin – including cars. Unfortunately, cash is still king on the blockchain island, but the government is trying its hardest to move to a digital age. Back in June, Joseph Muscat – Maltese Prime Minister – announced that all rent contracts will eventually move over to a distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform for enhanced transparency. Currently, contracts are often verbal and there is a lot of abuse in the rental system. Muscat is hoping that DLT can solve a large number of problems for the country.

Heading on Safari

The Moon Zebra Bitcoin ATM will be making its move later on today, so head on down to Jungle Joy to help the team move the ATM and say hi. If you want to tag along for the adventure, you can follow Moon Zebra over to the Sliema Minimart and get your hands on some fresh Bitcoin from its brand-new home.

Helping adoption isn’t an easy task, and by making the Bitcoin ATM more accessible thanks to the longer opening hours of Sliema Minimart, Moon Zebra is doing it’s very best. If Moon Zebra keeps up the hard work, we could soon see stores all over Malta accepting Bitcoin!