Mick Jagger and Edward Snowdon Join NFT Party

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  • Mick Jagger and Edward Snodwen recently sold NFTs totalling $5.55 million
  • The pair were raising money for two very different causes
  • Soccer legend Pelé has also joined the NFT game

Mick Jagger and Edward Snowden are among the famous names to have got themselves involved in the NFT scene. The pair held NFT auctions this week to raise money for different causes, raising a collective $5.55 million, suggesting that claims that the NFT space is dying may be premature. Soccer legend Pelé is another famous name to be inducted into the NFT hall of fame, with his career highlights being immortalised on the blockchain and auctioned on Eternity Chain.

Jagger Raises $50,000 For Music Venues

Rolling Stones frontman Jagger sold a piece of art built around his new solo track ‘Eazy Sleazy’, with funds going towards beleaguered independent music venues hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Jagger collaborated with Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl for the track which was released on YouTube this week, and decided to use the burgeoning NFT platform to raise money for British music venues, many of which have had to shut their doors for over a year.

Jagger teamed up with 3D artist Olivia Latta, aka Extraweg, for the audio-visual NFT which sold on Friday for $50,000:

Snowden NFT Sells for $5.5 Million

If Jagger’s sale seemed to suggest that the NFT world wasn’t all going to Hell in a handcart, then Snowden’s NFT showed that a reversal in its fortunes could be underway. National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Snowden auctioned ‘Stay Free’, a visual representation of the May 2015 court decision that the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance violated the law, with a portrait of Snowden blended into the text. This court decision vindicated Snowden’s decision to leak details of the NSA’s program to the press in 2013, and Snowden’s NFT is a striking embodiment of the importance of his actions.

More striking is the final fee the piece commanded – $5.5 million – showing just how significant the verdict was. The money raised will go towards The Freedom of the Press Foundation, which naturally Snowden is keen to support.

The famous names making their way in the NFT world doesn’ stop there – scorer of 1,282 career goals Pelé announced on Friday that Eternity Chain is auctioning a series of NFTs showing the legend’s career highlights.