Bitcoin is Taking a Tour of the Blockchain Island!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bitcoin adoption is on the rise all around the globe, and the company behind Malta’s fiat two-way Bitcoin ATM has decided to take Bitcoin on a tour of the blockchain island. Currently, the Moon Zebra Bitcoin ATM is located at Zanzi Homes in Sliema. However, as of Thursday, the ATM will be moving to its new home at Jungle Joy in Gzira. Bitcoin’s market cap has boomed to $193 billion, so it’s time to upgrade its digs.

Touring Around Town

If you want to take part and help out the Moon Zebra team shift the Bitcoin ATM to its new home, you can head down to the Zanzi Homes office in Sliema. Regular ATMs weigh a ton, and so too do Bitcoin ATMs. The Moon Zebra team will likely enjoy all hands on deck, so if you’re in town head on over to help them with the mammoth task.

Celebrating with a Big Party

Nothing says moving day quite like a housewarming party. When the Bitcoin ATM is resting in its new home at Jungle Joy, a big Bitcoin-themed party will take place. Here, members from the Bitcoin Club Malta will attend and be on hand to discuss all things Bitcoin and blockchain – what better way to spend your Thursday evening.

Bitcoin Remaining Eco-Friendly

Many eco-activists have claimed that Bitcoin is bad for the climate, as it consumes so much power. While Bitcoin does consume an awful lot of power, around 77.6% of it comes from green, clean and renewable sources. Malta enjoys sun for more than 300 days of the year, so it’s the perfect place for solar panels to soak up the sun and power the Bitcoin network.

Can Moon Zebra Fix the Blockchain Island?

It’s no secret that Bitcoin adoption on the blockchain island is woefully low, with only a handful of businesses accepting the digital currency. By placing its state-of-the-art and easy to use 2-way Bitcoin ATM in this popular location, Moon Zebra is hoping to help more people get into Bitcoin and start making Bitcoin transactions. You only need the cash in your back pocket to get started.

So, if you’re free on Thursday, head down to Sliema and help Moon Zebra take Bitcoin on its first tour of the Blockchain Island. If hard work and heavy lifting isn’t your thing, meet the team down at Jungle Joy for networking and an epic party!