Milady NFTs Founder Reportedly Loses $1 Million in Hack

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  • Milady NFTs founder Krishna Okhandiar has reportedly lost $1 million in a hack
  • The hacker sold some of the assets and transferred the funds to another wallet
  • The incident has drawn mixed community reactions

The founder of Milady Maker NFTs Krishna Okhandiar has disclosed that his wallet’s security was breached leading to a loss of assets worth more than $1 million. This revelation was after on-chain sleuths noticed huge amounts of Ether (ETH) and collectibles being transferred from the executive’s wallets. According to reports, the hacker has already sold some of the collectibles and has transferred the stolen ETH to another wallet, dimming the chances of Okhandiar recovering the assets.

Remilia Treasury’s Ownership Transferred to Hacker

According to X user Dumpster DAO, the NFTs were drained from Remilia, a DAO that manages the Miladay Maker project. The X user disclosed that the hacker sold “5 Miladays and 40 Remilios” and other collectibles that netted them “about 850 ETH.”

The hack has however stirred controversy with blockchain security firm PeckShield noting that there was “an earlier ownership transfer of Remilia treasury” to the malicious actor. Last year, Orkhandiar, also known as Charlotte Fang, revealed that a Milady developer had managed to maliciously transfer $1 million from Remilia.

Some in the NFT and crypto community have also expressed their skepticism noting that Okhandiar wasn’t genuinely hacked.

A Malware or a Rug Pull, Not a Hack

According to some, the executive may have misplaced their wallets’ seed phrase, installed a malware-infested program on their devices or it’s an outright rug pull.

Okhandiar isn’t the only executive in the web3 scene to lose assets to malicious actors. RTFKT COO, for example, lost NFTs worth over $173,000 to a “clever phisher.” Moonbirds creator has also in the past lost over $1 million worth of NFTs in a phishing attack

Others like Sky Mavis co-founder Jeff Zirlin and Ripple’s Chris Larsen have also had their crypto wallets hacked. Larsen lost over $100 million in XRP.

With some of the NFTs already sold, it’s to be seen whether crypto exchanges and investigators will work together to block the sale of the ETH still held by the hacker.