Magic Eden Unveils Cross-Chain Crypto and NFT Wallet

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Magic Eden has launched an NFT and crypto wallet that supports assets from multiple blockchains
  • The wallet is in beta and only available to a select few
  • Magic Eden believes that the web3 space is leaning towards cross-chain products

NFT marketplace Magic Eden is expanding its product offering with the launch of an NFT and crypto wallet that supports assets from the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and Polygon blockchains. It allows users to have full control of their crypto and collectibles, a feature that the NFT marketplace thinks best represents the building blocks of the web3 world. The wallet is currently in beta and only available to a select few before its public launch next year.

The Only Digital Wallet You Need

Dubbed Magic Eden Wallet, it aims to enhance the experience of the NFT marketplace’s users by providing a central place to access and store assets from multiple chains and reduce the “friction when it comes to collecting NFTs across chains.”

According to Magic Eden CEO Jack Lu, the marketplace is known for being NFT-first and the wallet comes to advance that belief and become the “only digital wallet you need.” 

Apart from storing NFTs from multiple blockchains, Magic Eden Wallet also allows users to instantly swap crypto between supported chains. The wallet is currently available as a Google Chrome extension with support for other browsers and a mobile app expected to be released later.

Supports Fiat Trades

Magic Eden disclosed that the wallet will also support trading in fiat, allow users to import assets from other crypto/NFT storage platforms and support collectibles on the Bitcoin blockchain, whether they’re using the new BRC-20 or the old Ordinals standard.

The Magic Eden wallet comes eight months after the NFT platform unveiled a launchpad for Bitcoin Ordinals NFT creators and a Bitcoin Ordinals marketplace. It also comes 10 months after the marketplace slashed its workforce to survive the current bear season.


With the unveiling of the new cross-chain wallet, it’s to be seen whether it’ll deliver its promises to the beta testers before it goes public.