Donald Trump Meets NFT Holders in Florida

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  • Former United States president Donald Trump met with holders of his NFTs in Florida
  • The May 8 meeting was open to Trump NFT holders who’ve invested over $4,650 in his “Mugshot” collection
  • Trump used the opportunity to woe NFT and crypto lovers saying that he would allow crypto donations in his campaign

Ex-US president Donald Trump has fulfilled his promise of having dinner with NFT collectors who purchased over $4,650 worth of NFTs in the Mugshot edition. The collectors took to social media on May 7 to announce that they’ll be having dinner with the former president at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. Some of those who shared their experience after the meeting described Trump as a crypto lover, something that may give the former president extra traction in his bid to reclaim the presidency in November.

A Piece of Trump’s Actual Suit

According to videos shared by attendees, a sizable number of NFT collectors had purchased Trump NFTs featuring the ex-president’s mugshot when he was arrested in August last year. The “Mugshot” NFTs retail at $99 with those purchasing 47 collectibles from the collection “in a single transaction” also getting a “piece of the president’s actual suit from his famous mugshot.”

Trump expressed his love for cryptocurrency saying that most crypto entities are evading doing business in the United States due to “hostility,” something that he said needs to stop if the country is “going to embrace it [crypto].”

Trump Dumps NFT Royalties

He also said that he’s open to campaign donations in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC). His comments on crypto, however, indicated a change of heart from his previous stand where he had criticized the creation of a U.S. dollar stablecoin. He has also in the past said that investing in crypto “hurts” the country’s currency.

The Mar-a-Lago dinner for Trump NFT holders comes four months after the ex-president dumped more than $2 million of his NFT royalties

With the dinner held, it’s to be seen whether he will honor other promises he made to collectors like receiving a piece of the suit he wore during his arrest.