MEGA Browser Extension Hacked, Now Steals Monero

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A popular cloud storage browser extension has become the latest target of crypto hackers. The 3.39.4 version of MEGA Browser Extension has been compromised, with its code being altered to capture sensitive data, such as usernames and passwords for a variety of sites – including Amazon, GitHub, Google and Microsoft. In addition to stealing sensitive data, it will also steal any Monero that is laying around on the infected device. The bug was first spotted by Reddit user Gattacus, who posted in the official Monero subreddit to warn the crypto community. This is just the latest hack designed to steal cryptos from unsuspecting computer users.

Monero is a Primary Target for Crypto Criminals

Monero has established itself as the go to cryptocurrency for hackers. Thanks to is relatively low mining difficulty level, everyday computers can still mine it – making it the top choice for cryptojackers. In addition to this, Monero is touted to be private and completely untraceable, meaning stolen – or illegally mined – cryptos can simply vanish and never be traced back to the hackers. These are the main reasons behind criminals turning to Monero for their illegal activities.

Cryptojacking is on the Rise

Unfortunately, attacks similar to this are on the rise. Just over 200,000 routers were recently infected with a Monero mining script, which turned every device on a victim’s network into a Monero miner. Steam has also had to pull a game from its store over reports it was running a secret Monero mining script in the background.
Thanks to Monero’s privacy policies, these illegally obtained coins will never be found and the perpetrators will likely never be caught. Interestingly, Monero mining scripts could be the future of website revenue. Sites like are implementing Monero mining scripts in order to make up for revenue losses from adblockers – so not all Monero mining is bad.

Stay Protected

While you can’t always protect yourself against cryptojacking and hacks, you can minimize your chances of being hit. The best way to go about securing your devices and network from cryptojackers is simply by keeping everything updated. By keeping firmware and malware scanners up-to-date you will be able to fend off most attacks. Secondly, use your common sense and don’t download anything from suspicious sites, and never click links in emails unless it is 100% necessary.
Hackers will continue targeting Monero users due to its privacy. If you want to keep your Monero safe, the best way to do so is by keeping it in a hardware wallet – not on your computer. People have lost thousands in cryptos by not abiding by the golden rule of crypto hodling – don’t become the next victim.