Meet Forte, the Blockchain P2P Gaming Ecosystem

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The world of video games has been flirting with blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) for some time now. Leaders in the industry such as Microsoft and Sony have both applied for multiple patents to make gaming devices more secure, while developers turn to the technology to make it more enjoyable. Forte is seeking to create the ultimate peer-to-peer (P2P) gaming ecosystem by helping firms accelerate the development of blockchain-based games.

In-Game Transactions Getting a Revamp

Just over 80% of the global game revenue is from in-game transactions, meaning there is a lot of potential for improvement as far as game development is concerned. These in-game transactions currently run on traditional centralized remittance platforms, meaning developers often have to wait up to 30 days before getting their money. By implementing a DLT-based remittance system, game developers can get their earnings faster than ever before, with fewer companies taking a slice of the pie in the process.

Microsoft is currently trialing a similar system on the Xbox Live store. Under the new DLT based system, which Microsoft built with the help of Ernst & Young (EY), it uses JP Morgan Chase’s Quorum blockchain with Microsoft Azure Cloud. Through the new system, game developers will receive their royalties in a matter of hours rather than months.

Supported by a Gaming Top Dog

Forte has some major backing behind it, with its CEO being the infamous Kevin Chou. Chou is currently the CEO of Kabam – a mobile game development firm – and is the co-owner of Generation Gaming – the firm that owns Overwatch League team Seoul Dynasty. Chou brings an impressive gaming pedigree to the firm and will help it form unique partnerships with top game developers in the industry. This will help them implement blockchain and DLT into their latest titles.

Blockchain Games Starting to Roll Out

Back in November 2018, the very first blockchain based PlayStation 4 game was announced. Plague Hunters is set to launch in the coming weeks, as heroes will delve into a dark world where the plague has taken hold. In a bid to fight off hordes of undead, players can level up, train, and trade their characters using the Ethereum blockchain. It’s the first console game to make use of such features, and it’s thought that getting approval from Sony was no easy feat.

Forte will no doubt have a huge impact upon the way games are developed and the way players interact with in-game worlds. The Lightning Network is already revolutionizing the way players interact with in-game purchases, and Forte will help introduce this to major platforms featuring some of the biggest games in the world.